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June 2018 Issue

Grilled Corn Salad with Hot Honey-Lime Dressing

Dark marble bowl with a salad of corn cut from the cob sliced jalapeños avocados and cilantro.
Photo by Peden + Munk, Prop Styling by Rebecca Bartoshesky, Food Styling by Sue Li

Bright and light, this salad makes the most of summer produce.


8 servings

3 ears of corn, husked
2 Tbsp. unsalted butter, melted
1 1/2 tsp. kosher salt, plus more
Freshly ground black pepper
3 Tbsp. fresh lime juice
2 Tbsp. honey
1 1/2 tsp. Sriracha
1 tsp. granulated garlic
1 1/2 avocados, cut into 3/4" pieces
1 serrano chile, thinly sliced
1/2 cup cilantro leaves with tender stems

Step 1

Prepare a grill for medium-high heat. Brush ears of corn with butter; season with salt and pepper. Grill, turning occasionally, until kernels are very tender and charred in spots, 10–12 minutes. Let cool slightly, then cut kernels from cobs.

Step 2

Meanwhile, whisk lime juice, honey, Sriracha, granulated garlic, and 1 1/2 tsp. salt in a large bowl to combine. Add corn, avocados, chile, and cilantro to vinaigrette and toss to combine; season with salt and pepper. Cover with plastic wrap, pressing in direct contact with salad to prevent avocados from turning brown. Chill at least 2 hours.

Do Ahead

Step 3

Salad can be made 1 day ahead. Keep chilled.

How would you rate Grilled Corn Salad with Hot Honey-Lime Dressing?

  • My husband loved this recipe, but I have to confess I didn’t have avocado’s on hand so I subbed in peaches since that’s what we have in abundance at this time of year. I’ll be making it again but just half of the suggested honey and if I’m in a rush, raw corn, which has it’s own vibrant fresh flavour and more of a crunch and sweet milk that I like. Overall, a great recipe to use as a jumping off point.

    • canack

    • Canada

    • 8/18/2021

  • Holy cow is this a WINNER!! Everyone in the family loved it- perfect recipe for leftover corn. Definitely double the recipe. I increased the avocado and cilantro and added fresh ripe baby tomatoes, halve the salt. If you added grilled chicken or shrimp it's a terrific main dish.

    • jlscully88

    • Concord, MA

    • 7/26/2021

  • Excellent corn recipe. I grilled mine on the stovetop with a griddle pan. The only thing for me was too sweet. I would cut back on the honey depending on how sweet the corn is.

    • shalimar1

    • Seattle

    • 8/22/2020

  • This salad is OUTSTANDING! I'm a sucker for both in-season corn and avocados, so this was up my alley already. Add the dressing--which is the perfect balance of tangy, sweet, and spicy--and it's a dream come true. I served the chiles on the side, to suit all palates, but even just the sriracha gives a nice kick. I tossed the avocados in the dressing before adding any other ingredients, which kept them beautifully green through serving (and the tiny amount of leftovers the next day!). My only criticism is that unless you eat like a mouse, this recipe will not feed eight. I doubled it, and it was the perfect amount for eight of us. I can't wait to make this again!

    • estahler

    • Vermont

    • 8/16/2020

  • My god, this is delicious. I can barely resist just downing the entire bowl right now...and I made a double batch. A lot depends on the corn, obviously. I was raised on nothing but corn in the fertile farmlands of Ohio, so I know of what I speak. Happened to get *amazing* corn yesterday in my now-home of Dallas, which is a rare occurrence. This salad is fresh, crisp, and loaded with flavor. I have submitted a formal request to Epicurious to allow me to add a fifth fork to my rating. It's that good. Note to tender palates: serranos can be pretty hot. Do a taste test before dumping them in. Can't recommend this enough.

    • scrozier

    • Dallas

    • 8/2/2020

  • Wonderful! I use jalapeño instead of serranos because that’s what we usually have around. Leftovers make a great salad topper.

    • donandjane

    • Texas

    • 7/21/2020

  • Easy, delicious and a perfect BBQ side dish. I brushed the fresh corn with EVOO, sprinkled salt and pepper then roasted it n the overn at 425, turning it just to get it carmelized. being careful not to overcook. I then followed the remaining instructions. I might add a tiny bit more salt to taste next time. This is being added to my recipe file and will become a Summer regular. I will definitely make this again,

    • atkinsx25643

    • New York

    • 7/13/2020

  • Delicious and different. However, I think the amount of salt must be a typo. I'd start with about 1/3 of the suggested amount and add more to suit your taste.

    • kodiakid

    • Newport Beach, CA

    • 8/24/2019

  • Really yummy balance of flavors. I added tomatoes and some old bay for a little smokiness

    • rachelcbaer

    • 7/25/2019

  • Nice spicy/sweet flavors with cool lime and cilantro. Really like it.

    • cheerycook

    • DC

    • 10/20/2018

  • I made this without cilantro and avocado. It would have been even better with cilantro and avocado, but it was still quite good - refreshing lime, smoky corn, spicy serrano, sweet corn, salt & pepper. I served it with enchiladas to add a bit of brightness.

    • shaxon

    • San Ramon, CA

    • 9/29/2018

  • This salad is bright and tangy. We added some halved cherry tomatoes for a little more interest and paired it with grilled chicken sausages, which got sliced on top for a lunch the next day. Would be great with any type of BBQ chicken or steak.

    • animatron

    • Calgary, AB

    • 9/10/2018

  • Yum! Greta with any grilled meats. I served it with grilled turkey burgers. This is spicy which I love but if you don’t like spicy I would decrease the Sriracha. I decreased the honey by 1/3 because I don’t like savory food too sweet. Finally I only let it chill for 30 minutes but I can imagine it would be that much better if it chilled for longer. Enjoy!

    • nevilleanderson1

    • Los Angeles, CA

    • 8/22/2018

  • Really like it! Nice with the contrast of peppers, honey and lime. I braised the corn but off a boiled cob on a frying pan and it worked just as fine. Ground coriander is also a good cilantro substitute.

    • emassink

    • Washington, DC

    • 7/19/2018

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