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Christian Reynoso


Christian Reynoso is a San Francisco based chef, writer, and freelance recipe developer. He spent the last five years cooking as sous chef at Zuni Café,  a mainstay of California cuisine. Christian's words can be regularly found in his cooking column, Bounty, in the San Francisco Chronicle, as well as Edible magazine, Food52, and now Epicurious. When he's not at home, he's traveling to Mexico, exploring its cuisine and his heritage.

This Potato Soup Is Hiding a Cheesy Surprise

My caldo de queso brings together chunks of queso fresco, potatoes, and summer vegetables in a tomato-rich broth.

How to Make Chochoyotes, the Masa Dumplings That Taste Like Clouds of Toasted Corn

These dimpled masa-dough dumplings are wonderful with mole—or added to this herby, smoky soup.

Shrimp With Chochoyotes in Smoky, Herby Broth

This brothy soup feels like coastal Oaxaca in a bowl. It has tons of herbs, buttery shrimp, a light spicy-smoky broth—and chochoyotes, dumplings made from fresh masa or masa harina.

Braised Chile-Marmalade Duck Legs With Brussels Sprouts

Simmer duck legs in a chile-infused, maramalade-based braise until tender, then reduce the sauce to a sticky-rich lacquer to glaze over the crisp skin.

Chicken and Potato Gratin With Brown Butter Cream

For an easy, flavorful fall dinner, cook your chicken and vegetables in a luxurious sauce of brown butter and heavy cream, then top with toasted breadcrumbs for extra crunch.

Braised Chicken Legs With Grapes and Fennel

Red or green table grapes are sweet but also have just the right amount of acidity. Sweet fennel and honey, spicy Calabrian chile paste, and red wine vinegar make this a bright and balanced meal.

How to Make Escabèche

The technique of marinating vegetables (or meat or fish) in vinegar, oil, and spices is practically as old and ubiquitous as cooking itself. 

Pork Chops and Padrón Chiles en Escabèche

Escabèche translates to “marinade,” which is exactly what you’re making here: a bright, tangy marinade full of pickled vegetables that also makes an ideal sauce for juicy, thick-cut pork chops.

Mushroom Toast With Pecorino Salsa Verde

Cut king trumpet mushrooms into planks and grill them until crisp and deeply savory. Then, pile on grilled bread with an herby, cheesy dressing.